Account Controls

You can use your account controls to manage your child's access to KinzChat PLUS, sign up for promotional mailing lists, adjust 3rd party advertising settings, or change your email.

If you've already added a Parent's Email to your child's account, a Parent's Account has been automatically created for you. Otherwise you can add your email for their account when your first log in to your Parent's Account.

About KinzChat and KinzChat PLUS

Webkinz World includes two types of chat to be used in social areas of the site. In KinzChat areas, kids can only use our pre-constructed chatting system called KinzChat. Members cannot type in their own words in KinzChat; they can only use the phrases and words we’ve created.

Graphic description: Graphic of KinzChat menus open to illustrate the pre-constructed nature of the chat

In KinzChat PLUS, which we recommend to our older members ages ten and up, we’ve given our members a bit more freedom. They are able to type in their own phrases and words; however the content is filtered by our system which aims to block inappropriate content and personally identifiable information, including numbers. KinzChat PLUS uses word filtering which identifies specific objectionable words, and phrase filtering which identifies specific objectionable combinations of words.

If someone attempts to send words and phrases that we deem unacceptable, that member may be: warned about the need to follow the Rules, silenced from chatting in, or banned from all KinzChat PLUS areas. The length of time for silencing and banning is based on the specific offense or combinations thereof.

KinzChat PLUS also allows members to report other members who they feel are misbehaving, using unacceptable language, or breaking the Rules. Again, any member who is reported for inappropriate behavior or language may be warned about following the Rules, silenced or banned from using KinzChat PLUS.

Please note that even with the word and phrase filtering, it is still possible that you may see something said that you find unacceptable. The best way to decide whether KinzChat PLUS is right for your child is to use the system with your child. Also, please note that unless you specifically grant permission for your child to use KinzChat PLUS, they will not have access to it when visiting any of the social areas of Webkinz World.